from Fear of Life by Atheists



How did you fall so very from me?
I've tried to find answers
But I just come up empty
Sitting here in my room
With a draft by the window
Writing all about all the ways
I might've let you go

But if I ever told you
That I felt at fault
You'd extend your arms
And relieve me of that tumult
But I can't let you do that, no
I won't let you take it all
Let's just admit
That we both had a hand in the fall

Now that the light's dying out at the edge of the horizon
I suppose it's time for me to start arising
Out of the waves of debris that I have been writhing in
Friend, ok, friend

When did we fall so very far behind?
it was such a slow process
Protracted over a long length of time
These things are hardly noticeable
Until they are done
Didn't even know I was losing you
Until we were gone
But in the end, now, looking back
Maybe I was just being naive
I was always going to leave you
And you were always going to leave me

I guess I never realized just how tenuous
The bond between the two of us always was
To try and save it now could be utterly useless
Friend, ok, friend

I will always think
With fondness
Of you


from Fear of Life, released June 23, 2017


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